Earlier this year the lovely TAMAR BRAXTON treated us to the single ‘My Man’ – a thoroughly contemporary R&B tune that told of love, lust and cheating. She (Tamar) was the wronged partner and I think we said back then that Ms B delivers the song with such venom and passion that it would be a very foolish “other woman” to interfere.

We were told that the single heralded an album … and lo and behold… the new long player is with us. Released on the lady’s own Tamartian Land records, ‘Bluebird Of Happiness’ boasts a wonderful “arty” cover and is stuffed with plenty more contemporary R&B jams like ‘My Man’… and yes, more tales of love, lust and cheating!

That aside, the dance brigade will probably go for the raunchy ‘Pick Me Up’ – a lovely tight foot tapper while those who like their modern R&B with a hip hop swagger will love ‘Hol’ Up’ which features Yo Gotti.

The soul crew will find loads to like too. ‘Empty Boxes’ is a plaintive ballad while ‘How I Feel’ is a tad more dramatic but the real soul highlight is a tremendous, full production cover of dear old Curtis Mayfield’s ‘The Makings Of You’. Always a great tear jerking, romantic song, Tamar’s delivery does it full justice. She possesses a unique voice and it’s perfectly suited to the inherent poignancy in the Mayfield masterpiece.

TAMAR BRAXTON’S ‘Bluebird Of Happiness’ is out now