US singer/songwriter KENDRA MORRIS continues to plunder her 2023 album, ‘I Am What I’m Waiting For’ for singles as she releases one of the set’s focus tracks – ‘Birthday Song’.

There are any number of “birthday” songs out there but here Ms Morris delivers her congratulatory  ditty in an unusual way – a way so different to any other birthday song I can think of. It’s a party song for sure but Ms M adds a nod to classic doo-wop and throws in all kinds of everything. Her PR team suggest that “If The Zombies and Cheech and Chong started a party band, this would be their hit.” That kind of says it all!

The  B side, by the way is a sombre ‘Fine Right Here’ . The vinyl on this one will be good to go from April 12th via Colemine/Karma Chief.