THE BAHAMA SOUL CLUB are a German-based soul-jazz outfit led by Oliver Belz and they peddle a strange mix of music – eclectic, intriguing and always interetsing as witnesssed by their latest single – a chilled, lazy, warm, ‘Hang Out’.

Now this one’s not a soul tune, nor does it owe its origins to the blues, like lots of the band’s previous material. Rather this ‘Hang Out’ is a hybrid of 70s roots reggae, traditional rhythms, and sounds special to Portugal’s South Western Algarve. The sensuous vocal comes from Sweden’s Hedvig Larsson while the toasting comes via Cutty Wren. The brass work is infectious and there’s a real loose feel to proceedings  that makes the tune rather special.

We’re  told that the song is  dedicated to a small surfer’s bar close to the beaches of the Portuguese resort of Sagres. The band say the place is quite magical – like   the tune.

Out January 27th via Buyu Records.

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