Soul veteran GWEN McCRAE has just released a brand new single – ‘Now I Found Love’. The record is out on Plain Truth Entertainment and the sound marks something of a departure for the lady who gave us soul classics like ‘Keep The Fire Burning and ‘Funky Sensation’. ‘Now I Found Love’, you see, is aimed squarely at the electronic dance audience. The beats are distinctly Europop and – for whatever reason – it seems our girl’s having a tilt at LADY GA GA! That said, the voice is still sensational. 

The logic behind the release seems to be that Plain Truth enjoyed a huge European hit last year with ‘My Feelings For You’ from an artist called AVICII. That one sampled GWEN’S ‘All This Love That I’m Giving’, so it seemed logical for the label to put out something on the lady herself. Written by DAVID SEAGAL and produced by STEVE SOLA, GWEN McCRAE’S ‘Now I Found Love’ is out now and available from all the usual outlets.