GREGORY PORTER has announced that his new album will be released on May 6th. The new collection is called ‘Take Me To The Alley’ and follows his Grammy-winning ‘Liquid Spirit’ from 2013.

Released on Decca/UMO, the label is accepting pre-orders and those who register a download order will receive two “singles”…. ‘Holding On’ and ‘Don’t Lose Your Steam’.

Porter, of course, previously recorded ‘Holding On’ with Disclosure; but the new version is just that… new. Porter has posted: “I decided to do the song the way that I would have recorded it on my record. It’s a way of saying that a song is a song is a song. The lyrics and the intention of the song come through no matter what kind of bells and whistles are going on”

The other single, ‘Don’t Lose Your Steam’ is, we’re told, dedicated to Porter’s three year old son.

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