Soulstress TERRI GREEN hails from Washington D.C but for a few years now she’s worked on mainland Europe where she’s enjoyed multiple hits in Spain and Germany. House and dance heads might recognize here musical alter ego – Terri B and they’ll surely know her work with people like David Guetta, the late Avicii, Cazzette, Dj Antoine, Bob Sinclair, and Roger Sanchez.

Right now she’s fronting a new project called, well…. THE TERRI GREEN PROJECT! Her partner in crime for the band is German composer, arranger & saxophonist TODDI REED (Torsten Abrolat). The team’s first album, ‘A Soul Dedication’ was successful all over Europe and with their latest release – an 8 track EP, they’re aiming for bigger and better!

“8 track EP” though is a bit of a misnomer… you see the release only offers two songs. The lead one is ‘Night To Remember’ (no, nothing to do with the Shalamar) and you can probably guess that it comes in a plethora of remixes – 7 to be exact.

From a soul perspective, oddly or not, the original mix is easily the best – a hugely danceable Chic pastiche that’s perfect for every shade of club night… lovely. Given Terri’s CV you won’t be surprised to learn that there are plenty of house mixes too… some tough and hard hitting but some subtle and soulful…. like the “disco lovers” mix and the Bruno Verdugo tweak. Both crank up the tempo but keep the lovely Chic feeling.

For what it’s worth my favourite cut on the EP is the “other” song. ‘Giving It Up’ is billed as the “bonus” track but it’s a real corker – a proper weekender style anthem. Terri’s vocal shows why she’s so highly rated while Toddi Reed’s production shows he’s been listening a lot to the great soul masters – love the strings and his Junior Walker style sax break!

Terri and Toddi call their music “classic soul for the grown and sexy music lovers!” … see if you agree by investigating at your favourite download portal.