Though they’ve been around since the early 90s we’ve not heard too much from Houston’s H TOWN for a while now. Originally consisting of brothers Keven “Dino” Conner and Solomon “Shazam” Conner, alongside their long-time friend Darryl “G.I.” Jackson, H Town were consistent R&B hit makers in the 90s. Sadly Dino Conner was killed in a  car accident in 2003 and the remaining twosome obviously took some time out.

Right now, though, they’re promoting a new single, ‘Green Light 713’ which is a remix of  a track from their last album, ‘Child Support’. (713, by the way, is Houston’s most popular area code.)

‘Green Light 713’ is a contemporary R&B slow jam with all the trademark touches that made H Town so popular back in the day. Adding more old school R&B feel is the input from rapper Lil’ Flip. The track’s out now.