Without too much fuss or fanfare, CEELO GREEN has just released his new album…. ‘CeeLo Green Is … Thomas Callaway’. (Thomas Callaway, of course, is the name our man was born with 45 years ago).

The 12 tracker is Mr C’s sixth solo album and is very different to most of the previous 5 and a far cry from the crazy sound of stuff like ‘Crazy’. You see, for this self-titled collection CeeLo decamped to Nashville to find a new vibe and working with some of that city’s top writers and players (people like Bobby Wood, Dave Roe, Paul Overstreet) he’s come up with some delightful music… contemporary soul, for sure, but with a definite country feel.  The sound isn’t the classic country soul popular in the the 60s and 70s but it has the same considerable charm. Try the lovely ‘Down With The Sun’ for starters or the quirky ‘People Watching’ complete with a nod to a countrified ‘Superstition’ in its intro! The album’s out now and it’s a strong contender to be rated as one of 2020’s best!