Izipho Records continue their fruitful relationship with US soulstress RENA SCOTT with a lovely, new 7” single which offers two mixes of one of Ms S’s old songs – ‘You’re So Far Away’.

Rena told us that the song tells of the inevitable frustrations of a long distance love affair and her sensuous vocal on the original mix perfectly matches the sentiment. The great news is the second mix takes You’re So Far Away’ to a whole new level. Rena and the Izipho team commissioned ubiquitous mix master Nigel Lowis to reimagine the tune – which he does beautifully. And to create even more modern soul magic, Rena re-recorded the vocal and the result is a potential modern soul anthem.

Sonically, there’s a lot going on in. You’ll hear all sorts of flavours and flourishes that will remind you of long gone soul classics but put all those flavours and flourishes together and you have a brand new soul classic!

‘You’re So Far Away’ is out on Izipho Records on September 3rd and it comes in a full colour picture sleeve. Remember too release number are limited. Find out more @  and check out the Izipho story via our interview archive.