ABBY SIMONE is a singer/songwriter who was  born in Singapore. Unsurprisingly she began singing in church but switching to secular music wasn’t easy. Her family were devoutly Christian and pop music was banned! But with a little creativity Abby managed to listen to contemporary  sounds and she became particularly enamoured by the sounds of people like Destiny’s Child and NERD. Single-mindedly, she decided that she wanted  to make her musical mark in the worlds of pop, soul and R&B.

Ms S now has three well-received singles to her credit and  those three  tunes have now been collected together along with a new song for a just released ‘No Expectations’ EP. The new song is the mini collection’s  title track and it’s a light, jaunty earworm of a tune. Abby sings sweetly and soulfully in the current femme vogue. The song is playful but delivers a message. Abby says the song is about, “Removing  the toxic people out of your life!”. She adds:  “I used to archive people I couldn’t handle and pile them up. Well, I’m not a device and I can’t upgrade my mental health storage as and when it’s needed. I want people to sing this mantra and when it’s time, say ‘You are you and I am me and neither of us owe each other sh*t.’ I think that’s a pretty amicable way to end a relationship, no?”

 Sonically, ‘No Expectations’ is  matched by her three early singles… the crisp, building ‘For Once’, the lo-fi, laid-back ‘Same Sunrise’ and the gentle ‘Walking Away’.

Abby Simone will be making her UK debut @ May’s Great Escape Festival in Brighton. In the meantime, her ‘No Expectations’ EP  is out  now!