Over the last couple of years Germany’s LEMONGRASS label has won a reputation for quality chill out music and quirky dance tunes. The label, headed by top muso, ROLAND VOSS, goes into high summer with a trio of strong albums. First up there’s label mainstays LEMONGRASS with ‘The 5th Dimension’. The band is a vehicle for VOSS and his clever take on ambient and if that’s your bag listen up in particular to some wonderful vocal cuts featuring KAREN GIBSON ROC and SUZY DUFFY. There are more chill out tunes on the label’s second set – ‘No Place Like Home’ from MICHIKO. MICHIKO is a London-based vocalist and this is her second album. A cool but soulful vibe permeates the whole set and on it you’ll hear echoes of SADE and GOLDFRAPP… but mixed with homage to the legendary Naked label. The feeling’s a good deal more “up” on ‘The Paradise Groove’ from Sweden’s GLAM SLAM AND HIS COMBO. It’s the third of Lemongrass’ summer releases and it’s a mix of disco, soulful house, smooth jazz and Latin. One of the key tracks is ‘Staying Home With My Baby’ featuring euro jazz vocalist, CARL BELUGA while ‘Last Days Of Disco’ is already making waves in Ibiza and in California. For more info go to