By popular and critical consent GarciaWalker&Durrell’’s album, ‘Praying For Rain’ is shaping up to be the BIGGEST album of 2021. On it, ex Drizabone man Vince Garcia alongside vocalist Vince Durrell and instrumentalist Mark Walker absolutely nailed the classic Brit soul sound.

One of the album’s focus tracks is the group’s cover of Beloyd’s 70s modern soul classic ‘Get Into Your Life’ and though it was recorded back in 2014 it still shines like a proper soul beacon.

The good news is that Soul Intention Records are gearing up to release a limited edition 12” single of the track featuring an ab fab eight and half minutes Tom Moulton mix of the recording. It goes without saying that Moulton’s tweak is exemplary. If anyone knows how to handle a soul mix, it’s veteran Tom who effortlessly teases out the hooks and highlights the best breaks. As an added extra, the 12” also offers an extended mix of the original album track.

GarciaWalker&Durrell- Get Into Your Life – Tom Moulton Mixes-Soul Intention out August 6th.