Last year Newcastle soulstress BETH MACARI enjoyed chart success with ‘Gotta Get Back’ and ‘Love You More’ and rightly so! They showed that Beth had come a long way since her days fronting Nick Prode’s Pimptones.

Despite the chart success the last several months haven’t  been good for Beth. Sadly her grandmother passed away. The pair were very close and Ms Mac needed a little time and space to regroup. Music finally delivered some solace and Beth worked on a new song, ‘Circles’ which she says is “a song about the pressures of being a woman, in all aspects of life! The worries of getting older, the struggles of working in the music industry, all of the doubts that we all have about the decisions we make day to day”.

Musically, it’s gentle and reflective with an imaginative production that allows Beth’ sweet emotive voice to shine.

BETH MACARI: ‘Circles’ released July 1st.