For a short time in the early 70s pop star LESLEY GORE (remember ‘It’s My Party’ and ‘You Don’t Own Me’, both, by the way, produced by Quincy Jones) was pacted to Motown’s Mowest imprint.

She cut just one album for Gordy’s West Coast experiment … a lushly produced ‘Someplace Else Now’. Produced by Joe Porter and released in 1972, the 12 tracker, like most of Mowest’s product, bombed and till now the set has never been reissued.

Now US reissue specialist Real Gone Music have made the album available with the full co-operation of Motown/Universal.

Musically, it’s a very middle of the road affair and heavy on the ballads – some more dramatic than others. It’s the kind of thing that Diana Ross was working on at much the same time, though with a little more conviction and a bit more success.

Highlight here is the jaunty ‘Don’t Wanna Be One’ (a hint of the Bacharachs) while ‘No Sad Songs’ is the most soulful ballad.

Lesley Gore died earlier this year aged just 65 and we’re sure that her fans will be delighted with the reissue of ‘Someplace Else Now’.