‘Mind Vibrations’ is a new and intriguing 4 track Ep from BORN 74 in collaboration with ONJ. Born 74 is the alter ego of Bristol musician Andrew Nichols while Onj is pianist Andre Louis.

The two came to work together during the pandemic. When, Andrew says, he used  “the digital world to connect people and share ideas” and the ‘Mind Vibrations’ EP is the fruit of that connection.

The EP’s title track is a complex piece of work that develops its own energy as it evolves. It’s followed by a more frantic, drum and bass piece  ‘Freedom To Choose’ which Andrew says,  “characterises a conversation between love and a loss of autonomy that came about during the global lockdown, reflected in the question-and-answer format”.

The mini album’s third track is the cinematic ‘Don’t Need My Shadow’  while  the set closes with the meditative ‘Is It Me? No It’s You’.

The four tracks offer a contemporary spin on jazz-funk delivering both intrigue and interest. The duo’s aim was, they say, “to captures the warm essence of days spent in sunshine, bars and cafés.”. Investigate yourself to see how they right they are. Out now