The good old LOS CHARLY’S ORCHESTRA (Aka Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel)  are nothing if not prolific!

Following on from recent tracks ‘Enamoreme’ with Heidi Vogel and the intriguing, jazz funk groove of  ‘The Journey’ with Andre Espeut’,  LCO are preparing to assail us with another quality single, ‘Vibration’.

The boys describe ‘Vibration’ as “a sonic excursion travelling to distant spaces of the galaxy to  bring back to earth the most tangible proof of human dedication and persistence translated into a beautiful soundscape”: Now you know!

In truth the cut really is a spaced out affair – a galactic, funky  dancer if you would and, as always with this crew, there are all kinds of everything in the mix – disco, jazz funk, soul and Latin fusion.

You can blast off when ‘Vibration’ is launched on Imágenes Recordings on Friday November 3rd as a digital release.