ROB HARDT is a prolific music maker. One half of Cool Million, of course, he’s produced countless modern soul classics both  with Frank Ryle and out on his own. Odd, though, that in an acclaimed 30-year career, Rob’s never released an album in his own name. He says that as a producer, he’s always been concerned that the artists he was working with were out front – the focus of the release.

However, Rob tells us  that he thinks the time is right for him to get his own name on a long player, so  he’s now  putting the finishing touches to his own album , due very soon. And, in time-honoured fashion, the first single’s just won release – it’s a big bundle of fun, ‘Good Time For A Good Time’… and we need to say right from the start that Cool Million/Sed Soul fans might be in for a surprise. You see, ‘Good Time For A Good Time’ essentially an old school  rap track!

Rob says that the upcoming album reflects his time as a DJ and producer in the 90s when rap went hand in hand with soul and R&B and he admits that he’s missed hip hop for a long time – hence the rapping on ‘Good Time For A Good Time’. The tight rhyming comes courtesy of young US rapper Julisa who brings positivity and joy to the track . Rob’s also realistic to know that many soul DJs (club and radio) won’t play rap. But he’s not that bothered . He loves the power of rap combined with super funky music and positive lyrics and, yes, good times are guaranteed with this one!