MENOOSHA is a singer/ songwriter hailing from Cameroon (Central Africa) but now based in France and Germany. Her sound is a blend of Soul, R&B, Jazz and, naturally, Afrobeat. She debuted with the LP ‘Satellite Brown Chick’ which typified that sound while her single ‘Talk to Me’ (Sweet Thing) ‘peaked at #14 in the UK’s Top 30 UK Soul Charts.

Ms M’s next album is almost good to go and intriguingly named ‘Airs About Hair’… it’s “a collection of hair stories and statements in songs”. The first single is ‘Touching My Hair’, an enigmatic little thing that has very peculiar attraction. It seems that Menoosha sees hair “as is a source of spiritual strength…..Hair is the glory of a woman!” If you’re intrigued the single is out now and the album’s on its way