It was the middle of last year when we came across music and arts  multitasker J.B. ROSE via her single ‘Back To Love’. On the back of the song, we learned that Ms Rose has actually been in and around the business since the 80s – recording, performing, writing and mentoring aspiring performers. She also wrote ‘Brothers and Sisters’ (the UK’s first black soap drama) for the BBC. To keep herself even busier, J. B. has her own YOUTUBE channel on which she’s   dubbed the  “Soul diva and Singing Vegan Mum”!

Even with all that going on, Ms R still finds time to record, and her latest single is already garnering huge support. Tune in question is the busy and bustling ‘Gold’ which J B wrote after feeling down about the pandemic. The song’s optimistic mood is intended to offer uplift  and boost self-belief and self-worth.

‘Gold’ is a production collaboration with Neville ‘2b3’ Thomas who’s worked with people like D’Angelo, Erykah Badu and Beverly Knight. Little wonder ‘Gold’ is reminiscent of some of Ms Knight’s best. It’s out now and already scaling the UK soul charts!