Brenda Holloway’s 1964 ‘When I’m Gone’ is a proper, early Motown classic. Written and produced by Smokey Robinson, it became a mod favorite here in the UK, so it’ so good to have the charming song back with us in a new version.

The new reading comes from Philly revivalists, FILLIES FINAZZ (Lorna Young, sisters Alicia and Denise Amaro, and Sandra Gail Brown). The foursome cut the song for their 2022 Society Hill album, ‘Signing For Tomorrow’. The track, however,  has proved so popular that label boss, Butch Ingram, has decided to release it as  a standalone single in a totally fresh mix.

It’s a super song, isn’t it, and  the Fillies do it full justice. It comes in a full vocal mix (as you’d except) but there’s also an intriguing instrumental mix that proffers a different kind of charm.

These new versions were never meant to set the soul world alight but they’re unpretentious, sweet and soulful. They provide some great memories of the great days of Motown and deliver plenty of contemporary musical charm. Recommended!