For some time now CORNELL “CC” CARTER and JAMES DAY have been winning hearts and souls in the modern soul community. CC’s 2019 set ‘Absolutely’ was a proper soul gem enjoying massive success and one of the key cuts was ‘Morning Touch’ – a collaboration with the aforementioned Mr Day.

Now James and Cornell get together for a new single that’s sure to fill floors right through this wet, dismal winter and through into spring. The tune is a joyous, life-affirming ‘Off The Grid’. An upbeat exhortation to switch off the phones, get the kids off to the grandma’s and, as dear old Luther says, “Stop To Love”!

‘Off The Gird’ is credited to JD’s TIME MACHINE – a vehicle for Mr Day and his collaborators – and it comes in three mixes with not a lot to choose between ’em other than subtle tempo changes… for instance, the “Soul” mix is a steady beater while the  “House” mix ups the ante as you’d expect. Our vote goes to the U-Nam “Swing” mix… guitar man, U-Nam, of course, a long time James Day collaborator. As ever you pay your money and you make your choice… and you can do that from January 24th!