Don’t know too much about “MASSNADA”. Diligent web searches reveal very little.  We think they’re an Italian music collective marshalled by multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer Giovanni Marinaro but we do know is that tracks from the current album, ‘Glamour’ have scaled the UK soul chart and been played out on some of the better soul stations.

The LP’s title track made waves in December while ‘Stars’, ‘Remind Me’ and ‘Faces’ also won attention. All three were electro-based tunes with a soulful undercurrent (albeit a European take on the genre).  Best of if the bunch was the crisp dancer ‘Stars’. Featuring Black Café, this had a 70s feel while the gentler ‘Glamour’ has a catchy charm.

Of the four tracks not yet released as a single, the sweet ‘Won’t Let You Down’ with vocals from a lady called Pilar has pleasing, chilled out flavour.

Massnada’s ‘Glamour’ album is out now via Le Rouge Records. Thanks to Mark Turner @ for unearthing   this one.