LORETTA HEYWOOD was the vocalist in 90’s group Bomb The Bass. She fronted the Tim Simenon-led outfit’s biggest hit – the ethereal ‘Winter In July’.

Since the demise of the group she’s kept busy working with people like David Arnold, Bugz In The Attic, Victor Davies and Andy Mitchell. Plenty of collectors will have fond memories of her Mitchell collaborative version of America’s ‘Horse With No Name’.

Ms Heywood’s latest single is another cover and a quirky one too – her version of The Abyssinians’ ‘Satta Massagana’. The song was the title track of the roots reggae band’s 1976 acclaimed  LP and it’s been covered many times before. The song was even adopted and used by various Rastafarians in their services.

Wonder what they’ll make of Loretta’s new version? She turns the reggae cut upside down and inside out to create a classic 6/8 blues . Sombre and melancholy, it will bring this classic song to a new audience. ‘Satta Massagana’, by the way, means “He Gives Praise”. Out now!