Earlier this month we were delighted to announce that drummer/producer/charity worker/Motown devotee DREW SCHULTZ was preparing the release of a new album… ‘Back To Class Volume 2’ – a logical follow up to the first volume that was released over  a decade ago. You might know that the sometime drummer for the 4 Tops put the album together with a welter of veteran soul (mainly from Detroit) stalwarts like Dennis Coffey, Spyder Turner, Melvin Davis and Pat Lewis. Volume 2, we’re told, follows the same pattern and as a taster Drew has just released the set’s first single – an old school throwback, ‘Give It Up’.

This one’s a tight, brassy, funky groove with vocals from  the aforementioned Spyder Turner who delivers with the authority that can only come with experience. Sadly he doesn’t get to offer any of his famous  vocal impressions, maybe the upcoming album will deliver us some.

In the meantime, Drew Schultz/Spyder Turner’s Give It Up’ is out now!