George Benson’s ‘Give Me The Night’ is a 24 carat soul and dance classic and to prove that you can’t keep a good song down, you can now enjoy the tune in a totally new, Jazzy Brazilian format courtesy of Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel… the duo at the heart of Los Charlys Orchestra. The pair give the tune a complete makeover and to add even more sparkle they bring in Xantone Blacq to handle the big vocal.

This new tweak of ‘Give Me the Night’ is the title track on a new EP from Juan and Jorge. The mini album’s two other songs are ‘Fly Me With You’ and ‘The Notion’ and both continue the exotic flavours of ‘Night’ with the latter being just a tad more stately. Vocals on these two songs come via Heidi Vogel. The EP is completed with the instrumental track to ‘Fly Me With You’ and it will be available from 18th October.