GINNY BROWN is a UK singer who’s based in the East Midlands where she fronts a band called ‘The Collective’ – a very popular live attraction, filling floors with their take on pop, disco and soul. On record they’ve enjoyed UK soul chart success with pop/soul beaters like ‘Déjà Vu’ and ‘Love Fool’ both with input from master mixer Nigel Lowis. So, no surprise that for her new outing, Ginny and the Collective turn to Mr L for more dance floor motivation – which he delivers in spades.

Ms B’s new outing is ‘Femme De La Femme’ (my O level French renders that as “woman of the woman” or “wife of the wife” ?) – but that’s not the point. The tune is all about the feel, the beats, the optimism and the heavy disco  quotient. There are two mixes – the original Lowis mix and a “basement” mix . Little to choose between them – both very ‘C’est Chic’ (that blinking French again!) with a generous garnish of classic Sister Sledge!

GINNY BROWN ; ‘Femme De La Femme’ out now via Parloscope International Recordings.