GIGI HAROLD is a London singer who prefers to use the simpler stage name, Gg. She debuted in February this year with the well-received EP, ‘Who That Girl Is’. It was an eclectic three tracker with some pleasing horn work from veteran Kenny Wellington. Gg also enjoyed some success with the album ‘4am Angel’ from which the single ‘Hopscotch Heart’ turned quite a few heads… a sort of lazy, insinuating soulful house kind of thing with a jazzy undertow.

Well Ms Harold has just released a new EP that offers a remix of ‘Hopscotch Heart’ alongside a mix of ‘Daisy Chains’ … oddly entitled “long hot summer remix”… impeccable timing. There’s also a retooling of another of Gg’s earlier songs, ‘When I’m Falling’.

All mixes come courtesy of Rod Layman and the Gg Remix EP is out now.