MR BIRD (Steve Bird) is a DJ and multi-instrumentalist who now works out of Lisbon and he’s already released a number of albums under a number of monikers and with a number of collaborators. The UK soul community first got to know him, though, via his 2014 ‘Lo Fi Classics’ album.

The set’s highlight was always the infectious ‘Over Again’ and now the lovely little tune has been issued as a 12″ single with two lovely new mixes. The original is there of course… and it still sounds good but Ashley Beedle and someone called Tom Moulton bring something rather special to the whole thing.

The Beedle mix is tad faster while Mr Moulton brings it right home to (Modern) Soulsville ….a remarkable piece of work that has to be investigated. Both mixes, by the way, retain the passion and beauty of the vocal of Greg Blackman.


The single is out soon on Ramrock Blue Records.