Amongst the many tasty new sounds from RAMROCK RECORDS is a tight collaborative soul groove from two top names… ROBB SCOTT and LEEE JOHN.

The man with all the “E”s in his first name needs no introductions here , save to say that he’s currently celebrating 40 big years in the biz . Beam me up “Scotty” is a musician, singer, songwriter, composer, arranger and producer. He’s a vet too. With a music career that spans over three decades, he’s recorded and released music both as a solo artist, in various bands and as a composer for films, documentaries, promos and commercials. His solo projects have included working with Ellen McIlwaine, Jill Jones, Roy Ayers Band as well as television and video appearances with Daryl Hall and Gwen McCrae. Soul buffs will have fond memories of his eclectic ‘Siren’ album.

Now Robb and Leee have come together for a groove heavy, ‘Gotta Get Over You’. Yes, it’s all about romance gone wrong but it’s actually an “up” sort of groove. Robb wrote the music, arranged  and produced the track while Leee crafted the lyrics, oh, and added those oh so distinctive falsetto vocals.

The track comes in a tight original and an 80s evoking North Street West remix  alongside dubs and instrumentals.

‘Gotta Get Over You’ (Original Mixes) is out now on Ramrock Blue Records: ‘Gotta Get Over You’ (North Street West Remixes) will be released on May 19th, 2023, on Ramrock Blue Records.