By common consent one of last year’s best UK soul albums was album ‘Colours’ from THE DOGGETT BROTHERS. Common consent also had the Laura Jackson-vocalised track ‘Hotter’ as an album highlight.

Well, the good news is that ‘Hotter’ has gotten a whole lot hotter! You see, the Doggett boys have commissioned hot Japanese mixer Yuki ‘T-Groove’ Takashi to re-tool the tune and the soon-to-be-released result is a proper modern soul gem.

The T Groove mix tightens things up a good deal and keeps the beats running smoothly… so smoothly that the tweak is bound to become a modern soul room favourite. Mr Takashi also replaces the guitar break with some crazy (but lovely) jazz piano and is savvy enough to keep Ms Jackson’s soulful vocal right up front. Add a growling bass line and you have a potential modern soul anthem!