For some time, ERIC KRASNO has been a lynch pin on the more esoteric soul and blues-based music circuits. He’s won two Grammys and has three solo albums under his belt. He’s also worked with Lettuce, Soulive and produced and /or written for people like Norah Jones, Talib Kweli, 50 Cent, Aaron Neville, The Roots and many  more.

You’ll have the opportunity to catch his unique music in mid-September when he releases a new album, ‘Always’ via Provogue/Mascot. The ten tracker, we’re told “offers inimitable instrumentation, eloquent songcraft, and raw honesty”.

In the meantime, you can get the flavour of Krasno’s sound via the set’s first single – an edgy, shifting, atmospheric ‘So Cold’. It’s a tense piece of music with biting guitar work which perfectly suits the lyrics. Krasno says: “It’s about a relationship. This girl takes out her anger on other people, and the guy is trying to get to the bottom of what’s wrong and why she’s so cold. You’re trying to leave dark things behind and move into a more positive place. It has a hopeful tone because I’ve gotten past it.” We may be enjoying something of a heatwave right now but Eric Krasno’s ‘So Cold’ will bring a (welcome?) chill!