WINNIE AMA (above) is a new (ish) singer/songwriter who hails from  that soul hot bed… Northern Ireland! Of Ghanaian heritage, she now works in London  and her music has been influenced by both her background and heroes like Lauryn Hill, Macy Gray and Nina Simone.

Winnie’s latest single, however, is a little lighter than anything associated with that august trio. Winnie’s new tune is a catchy slice of disco-tinged soul, ‘Get On You’.

Lyrically  the song explores the art of seduction and female empowerment. She says: “It’s about being confident enough to take a risk and express your desire to be close to someone. I feel like often people are scared of rejection or end up waiting for the other person to make the first overt move, but that often ends in a stalemate and potentially missed opportunities to get to know the other person better”. 

WINNIE AMA’S ‘Get On You’ is out now via all the usual platforms.