Fancy some good news amidst all the doom and gloom? Well, top Brit soul man VICTOR HAYNES is preparing the release of a new album! Now our Vic has been around since the 90s and he’s never released a dud – like that old stick of rock, his music has “Soul Quality” stamped all through it! So really looking forward to the set!

We believe that Victor’s upcoming LP is to be called, ‘Love Is The Answer’ and a preview of the lead off single indicates that the album’s all set to be a corker!. The single is an energy-packed, groove ‘Back To Love’ which seems to have been crafted from all those qualities that make the best Brit soul so irresistible! It will delight Mr H’s faithful fan base and those who have yet to introduce themselves to his delights will wonder why it’s taken them so long to catch up with such a wonderful soul stylist.

Victor’s people suggest that ‘Back To Love’ will “set the dance floors alight and keep you moving with its soulful sounds and infectious beat.” For sure, we wouldn’t argue with that!  It all augers well for the new album which, we’re told,  will offer plenty more up-tempo grooves in time for the party season.

We don’t yet have a precise date for the lovely ‘Back To Love’ but we’ve been promised that it will be good to download very soon. Eyes and ears open for this one!