What does a history teacher do when he retires? Tends to his garden? Does some volunteering with the National Trust? Or maybe go on a world-wide cruise? Well, Seattle  born ELIOT KING SMITH decided on nothing like that. He decided to make music! However, that’s not as odd as it sounds. You see his parents were concert pianists and made sure that their son had a though grounding in music. An assured pianist aged just 6, Eliot got into soul and blues and  whilst in London played with a band called Dark Star. Then a career as a history teacher beckoned (who said there’s not future in that!!!)

After retiring Mr Smith returned to music and right now he’s busy promoting his debut album, ‘Short Life, Small Planet’ from which  the single ‘Rocks’ is winning attention. The cut is intriguing, dealing with “the profound impact of stones on human existence”. Using metaphors like “Rock of ages”, “rock steady” and “rocky road”, the lyric deals with the fragility of existence and the permanence of rocks. Sounds complex? Well, the soundscape is simple and straightforward – hints of southern soul with a convincing, gruff blue-eyed soul vocal from Mr Smith. This compelling ‘Rocks’ offers plenty of food for thought. Out  now!