Been a while since we’ve heard anything new from Geordie land’s finest, SOULUTIONS. But, out of the blue almost, they have a new single on their Festive Park label and it’s something a little different. You see for the first time (we think) the lovely LOUISE MEEHAN isn’t the lead voice.

The new song, ‘Get Off Your High Horse’ features the warm soulful tones of GORDON GEE. It seems that a while back Soulutions were playing a gig in Turkey when the band’s Steve Lee  heard Gordon singing at a music festival. Totally impressed, Steve decided he’d love to work with him . Well, it seems like it’s taken something like 20 months for something to happen, but the wait’s been worth it!

‘Get Off Your High Horse’ is a classic slice of contemporary Brit soul full of typical Soulutions’ garnishes (like a lovely trumpet break!) and you can hear instantly why Steve was so impressed with Gordon. Oh, and don’t worry, Louise is still around. You can hear her soulful voice on BVs.