THE SINDECUT are a long standing (they debuted in 1986!) UK hip-hop group who, over the years, have made a unique music that often infuses their hip-hop roots with soul, funk and jazz sensitivities – and their latest single – a sweet and lovely, ‘Lucky’ is just  that. Little wonder it’s now  winning plaudits and playouts from the soul crowd!

Vocalist on the track is IJEOMA, of whom we don’t know too much save that she’s a New York-based singer/songwriter. We  do know that here she delivers with a mature soulfulness.

It’s hard to put your finger on it but this track has huge attraction. I guess it’s the overall soundscape, Crafted by main man DJ Fingers (Sindecut founding member) it has elements of big band jazz with some lovely horn parts that support Ijeoma’s insistent vocals. The aim we’re told was to create a montage that captures the essence of the streets of New York City.

See how right that is by investigating. ‘Lucky’ is out now via Tru Thoughts and it’s taken from an upcoming (September) album. Recommended!