Hil St Soul and producer Regi Myrix continue their collaborations with a new single ‘In My Groove’.  It follows the earlier hits ‘No Worries’ (a duet with Noel Gourdin) and ‘One Life’ and where those were crisp dancers , ‘In My Groove’ (despite its title) is a sweet and tender ballad which allows Hil to show off her properly soulful tones. She says: “When I heard the backing track it just had a timelessness about it and I was immediately drawn to it. The backing track reminded me of how music used to be with classic lyrics that speak about real love. It reminded me of the old school jams my folks would get down to back in the day! I wanted to write something that had that same kind of energy. The song is about working off some of that unwanted stress that accumulates throughout the week with your significant other half.”

Lyrically the dominant image is a of a lover “being played” like a vinyl record… played over and over till it’s worn out! Yes, the song does have sexual overtones but its never tawdry or tacky…. proper, sophisticated, grown up soul music. It’s quite lovely and Hil lives up to that “soul” in her name… out now.