Amazing! DJ Spen’s Quantize Recordings is about to celebrate its 400th release with a rather special single, a new version of the Brenda Russell song ‘Get Here’ – made popular of course by Oleta Adams.

Now you may think it a little odd that label known for dance and soulful house would re-work what is essentially a romantic ballad. But a few weeks ago, Quantize  released a wonderful version of the classic slowie ‘ I Miss You’ and it absolutely worked… and this new take on ‘Get Here’ is a huge success too!

Much of the credit for that must go to lead voice DAWN TALLMAN whose  powerful, soulful performance retains all the depth and sensitivity of the Oleta Adams’ take. Sure, it’s an up-tempo track but Connecticut’s  Ms Tallman nails the vocal. No surprise; she was brought up and taught to sing in the Gospel tradition and little wonder that  across the dance scene she’s known as  “the first lady of Gospel House”. There’s a huge, testifying gospel vibe here!

This is a splendid record to celebrate a 400th release. Out now!