Soul connoisseurs know all about the lovely LYNNE FIDDMONT. St Louis born Lynne is one of the States’ best-known session singers. There are few big soul names who haven’t benefited from having Lynne doing backups whether in the studio or onstage.

Lynne’s always in demand and always busy, busy, little wonder that she rarely has quality time for her own solo work. Proper soul lovers though will remember her 2006 debut, ‘Flow’ while her tribute to Billie Holiday won her even more fans.

Well, the good news is that Ms F is currently putting the finishing touches to a new solo set… ‘Power Of Love’, and to whet our appetites she’s just released the first single, an inspired and swinging cover of Lou Rawls’ ‘Groovy People’. The Gamble-Huff song was always full, of optimism and Lynne cranks up the feel good factor to the max. There’s a real jazzy twist to proceedings though the walking bass line would do James Jamerson proud! The Motown feel is enhanced by the fact that Lynne uses Diana Ross’ backing trio (Valerie Pinkston, Lamont Van Hook and Fred White) and for a touch of poignancy, Lynne tells us that working with Mr Rawls was one of her first pro gigs. Yep, it’s a groovy cover… good times just got better!