HANS PETER de ZEEUWE is a Dutch drummer who prefers to work under the name d’Z. He trained at the best music schools in Holland and after graduating became an in-demand session player. A couple of years ago, d’Z decided to strike out on his own and though it’s a taken a while, he’s just released his first set of tunes – a five track EP, ‘Connected’.

Such is Hans’ standing on the European music scene that to help him deliver his musical ideas he’s been able to draft in some top players and vocalists like Horns of Fire and soul sisters Katie Leone and Sandra St Victor.

Indeed it’s Ms St Victor (sometime of the Family Stand who fronts the EP’s title track – a driving, insistent funk-soul workout. ‘Something New’ is based round a tight funk riff, ‘Clean Slate’ is a solid soul groove, ‘Lovin’ And Dancin” has an acid jazz feel but the best and most mellow soul moment comes with the opening ‘Conviction’.

This is proper feel-good, finger-clicking Summer vibe with a touch of Tower of Power about it (well the track does feature the four piece Horns Of Fire) There’s a convincing vocal too from Freddie Lubitz. His passion gives maximum credence to the socially aware lyrics.

d’Z’s ‘Connected ‘is out now and you can learn more @