BEN PIRANI is one of a growing number of blue-eyed soulsters who look back to the 60s and 70s for their musical inspiration. Supported by  the Means Of Production, you may have fond memories of their 2002 single, ‘I Know It Hurts’ on which Brian Jackson offered a flute cameo.

Now one of the Means Of Production, TRE D’AMBROCIA, steps forward to deliver a lovely solo single. His song is a sweet contemporary soul ballad ‘Closer’ which is delivered in a classic soul falsetto. The cut is insinuating, innocent yet sophisticated and it will, have no doubt, grow on you. On the track Tre is supported by the Means of Production (he’s also the vibraphonist and first tenor in the band) and the single is good to go digitally right now.

The vinyl release will feature ‘Love Is Gonna Let You Down’ on the B side. Both that one and ‘Closer’ were originally recorded by Ben Pirani and the band, but here D’Ambrocia puts a subtle, different spin on things. Label by the way is Palmetto Street Records