LAURA RAIN AND THE CAESARS are a Detroit-based band. Essentially, they are a husband-and-wife team – guitarist George Friend and vocalist Laura Rain. Back in 2017 they won considerable acclaim for their LP, ‘Walk With Me’ – a mix of soul and blues with a funk undertow.

During the pandemic, the duo hit on a new way of presenting their music. They call the approach a “soul journey” – releasing new songs in small doses rather than on one complete album package and in the last few months we’ve enjoyed their almost Northern-flavoured ‘Soul Creature’, a Memphis-flavoured ‘If I Can’t Have You’, a biting, bluesy ‘Different State of Mind’ and a breezy ‘The Deal’.

And now as 2021 kicks in the band have just released the most overtly soulful cut of their “journey” – a lovely, throwback sound, ‘Closer To The Win. It’s a building ballad with a Philly feel but rather tougher than most Philly tunes as the climax builds. Laura and George describe it as “A touching homage to the beauty of AM radio and 45 rpm records. It’s a quest for personal achievement and inner happiness. A new life of renewal and success.” Amen to that – this lovely song is out now!