Regular users of SOULANDJAZZANDFUNK.COM will know all about the lovely LINDSEY WEBSTER. Last year the UK’s biggest and brightest indie soul site awarded Lindsey’s sophomore album, ‘You Change’ a prestigious 5 out of 5… one of a very few long players to score full marks from our discerning reviewers!

Now the good news… we’ve just learned that Ms Webster is all set to release a follow up….. ‘Back To Your Heart’, available via Shanachie Records from November 4th. Once again the album’s a productive collaboration with her partner, Keith Slattery. Lindsey says of their relationship: “Keith and I are extremely passionate and sensitive people who put the same pride and perfectionism into our writing, recording, and producing. Our philosophy is simple, we do what feels right. I believe this is what has helped us to forge our own sound.”

The lead single will be the album’s title track and we’re told the album also features a moving tribute to the singer’s mother, Barbara, who passed in 2014. There’s also a song inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, ‘One At A Time’. This one has a guest cameo from sax doyen Kirk Whalum.

It all sounds intriguing and we’ll bring a full review… along with a full interview with Lindsey, just as soon as we have our copy!