GEORGIE B (George Bromfield) has  been making sweet soul music for more years than he cares to remember. He debuted back in 1979 as the singer/drummer in band called Second Image, before going on to create his famous Groove Association. Over the years, the collective has released countless soul chart riders and numerous dance floor fillers.

As we’ve previously reported our George is currently celebrating his more recent work with the Association and on his own with the release of a compilation album that features ten of his best jazz funk cuts. He’s picked  the tunes from the 6 studio albums he’s released between 2012 – 2023 and he’s put ‘em out under the imaginative title of ‘The Jazz Funk Collection’ .

All the tracks have been remastered and dip in anywhere to enjoy quality Brit soul and funk. For starters ‘It Doesn’t Really Matter’ and  ‘Here We Go Again’ are worth the entry price on their own while those who like to strut their salsa stuff will love ‘Carnival Latino’. ‘London City Nights’ delivers atmospheric nostalgia while ‘Jazz Funk Heaven’ sort of sums up where the album’s coming from.

The set offers two special bonuses – a pair of tunes from Georgie’s  Second Image era – ‘Sambolic’ and ‘Cool Breeze’. The former, a classic slice of Brit funk, was a 1982 B side  while  the latter was first issued a year earlier. Now remastered, they sound totally contemporary! Learn more about this delightful compilation @