When we reviewed SHAUN ESCOFFERY’S ‘Evergreen’ album last August (wow… that long ago!) we wrote:”The best ballad on the long player? Well, that accolade goes to the lovely, lovely ‘Give Me Love’. This is a proper, soul tune! Shaun’s frail falsetto has never sounded better, and, like a slowed down ‘Soulful Strut’, it’s just gorgeous. Miss it at your peril!”

Anyway, after a long, long time, the label bosses have decided to release the gorgeous song as a single alongside a new mix of the tune from Nigel Lowis. The original still sounds fab while the Lowis mix takes things up a tad tempo wise. The beats are a touch crisper and soul veterans will hear all kinds of influences… above all maybe dear Leroy Hutson and that whole Curtom sound. ‘Gave Me Love’ is without doubt one of the classiest releases of the year. Like I said last August; “Miss it at your peril!”