The gorgeously lush ‘Secret Garden’ was always one of the big tunes on Quincy Jones’ 1989 ‘Back On The Block’ LP. Subtitled, ‘The Sweet Seduction Suite’, the song’s been covered countless times and become something of a Quiet Storm classic.

Well, confirming that great songs refuse to go away, ‘Secret Garden’ is back with us in a brand new version courtesy of four young (ish) soul turks…. SISQO, SHAWN STOCKMAN, RAHEEM DEVAUGHN and OMAR WILSON. On their own and with their groups (Dru Hill and Boyz II Men), the foursome have served lengthy soul apprenticeships and it shows on this faithful cover of a classic soul slowie.

Produced by Arika Kane, Lou Humphrey, and Jasmon Joyner, there’s no mention as to whether this ‘Secret Garden’ is a one-off or part of a bigger project, but it’s out now!