Latest single from the always interesting Eraserhood Sound label features a beguiling ‘Can’t Keep My Plants Alive’ from a new name to us, ALICI.

We’ve learned  that she’s a singer and multi-instrumentalist currently living in New York City, but she wants you to know that her heart, and her ear, are firmly located in her home country of Brazil… and, for sure,  there’s just a gentle hint of Brazil about ‘Can’t Keep My Plants Alive’. It’s not quite   full-on Astrud Gilberto but it’s getting there!

Alici was born and raised in the Belo Horizonte, and her avowed mission is to spread bossa nova, the iconic musical language created in Brazil in the 1950s, to a new generation of music fans and ‘Can’t Keep My Plants Alive’ is a great start. This one will grow on you! (sorry about that poor gardening pun!) Lovely retro cover too!

This  recommended ‘Can’t Keep My Plants Alive’ Is out now digitally and will be one side of a 7” due in June. Look forward to that.

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