Remember the GAP BAND? Sure you do. Everyone on the planet knows their bumpy, funky, disco ride ‘Oops Upside Your Head’ but more discerning soul fans will know the band’s core members -RONNIE and CHARLIE WILSON – have been in the news much more recently when they received massive royalties and writing credits from Mark Ronson. The pair claimed (and, clearly, Ronson agreed) that Ronson’s huge hit ‘Uptown Funk’ borrowed heavily from their aforementioned ‘Oops’.

Clearly fans of litigation it seems that the Gap boys are due back in court. US agencies are reporting that Ronnie is now all set to sue brother Charlie! As aforementioned discerning soul fans know Charlie Wilson, of late, has enjoyed a healthy solo career (‘Hey Lover’, ‘I Still Have You’ anybody?).

Ronnie, it seems, is alleging that Charlie’s solo success is hindering his (Ronnie’s) ability to book gigs as “The New Gap Band”. In particular Ron cites two shows when he says Charlie actively interfered to get the shows cancelled! Clearly the grievance runs deep and at its centre is who exactly has the rights to use the “Gap Band” moniker. It’s the kind of dispute that has always plagued soul music…. cue “The Platters”, “The Drifters”, “The Temptations” et al. At the end of the day everybody’s a loser… especially the fans! Whatever happened to “Brotherly Love” … a great Main Ingredient song, by the way, and didn’t they fall out over the same issues?