ARTELIA GREEN is a new group from San Fransisco’s Bay area. Fronted by community organizer, activist, and artist Tiffani Marie, they’ve just launched their debut single ‘GC Funk (Ghetto Children Funk)’  which their team  describe as a celebration of the resilient spirit of children from the “hood.”

The song is constructed on the chassis of the US children’s  singing game, ‘Little Sally Walker’ and after a messy start it builds to eventually meld hip hop, soul, funk, and gospel into an urgent whole.

Ms Marie says: “It’s a call to find strength in our roots and quite literally rise above societal confines, reinvigorating the classic ‘Little Sally Walker’ as an anthem for youthful liberation”.

The track is the first release from Artelia Green’s forthcoming album, ‘In No Particular Order’, out on March 8th 2024 via Redtone Records.