US music sources are reporting that the city of Dayton, Ohio is set to establish its very own Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Centre. The city fathers claim that Dayton has an unassailable right to be the home for such a prestigious venue. They point to local artists like The Ohio Players, Bootsy Collins, The Deele, The Dazz Band, Slave, Roger Troutman, Zapp, Lakeside, Faze-O, Shirley Murdock, Van Hunt, Dayton, Sun, The Majestics and Aurra as reasons why Dayton is so funkingly important!

A business group led by David R Webb says that the exhibit will not only focus on the history of funk music but will also “teach young people to play instruments, understand what it takes to work in all aspects of the performing arts, learn about the role music plays in creativity, critical thinking skills and self-discipline, and to improve their deductive reasoning skills in reading, math and science.”

The Dayton Funk Centre is due to open this spring.